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Puegnago del Garda

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Visit Puegnago del Garda

Relax and good cuisine for a holiday surrounded by nature.

Puegnago del Garda is a small village of Lake Garda, in the province of Brescia, particularly easy to reach because it is near the main streets of the area.

Tourists appreciate and remember their holidays spent in Puegnago del Garda thanks to its typical cuisine that uses extra virgin olive oil and D.O.C. wines of these places. The Groppello is the emblem of all these.

It is so much so that in summer, the fair is dedicated to these excellences. A traditional dish is the gnocchi di Puegnano, based on bread with basil aroma, served in tomato sauce.

Every year, in the first week of September, the Fair of Puegnago takes place, 4 days of wine tasting and events dedicated to the Groppello wine, typical of the Valtenesi.

The Groppello is a delicate red wine, spicy with fruit aroma, creamy and tasteful; it accompanies savoury dishes, meat of all types and cheeses of medium weathering.

Right here, on the hills of Puegnano, the Groppello found its homeland, a native vine that is part of world heritage.

The Groppello wine is a hymn to biodiversity in a world that tends to homogenisation and to the levelling out all differences.

In a nutshell, by booking a holiday to Puegnago del Garda, you will come into contact with a significant part of wine history that has made Italy great in the world.

What to visit

  • The Castle of Puegnago

  • Church of San Michele dating back to the XVI century

  • Church of San Giuseppe a Mura

  • Long strolls on the hills

  • Lakes of Sovenigo

Puegnago del Garda

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