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1 March 2017

What you do not know about the tourist on Lake Garda


Tourists love to define Lake Garda as a “container of beauties”. Here, in short, the result emerged from the research on the “web reputation” of the Brescia area commissioned by Bresciatourism to Michelle Bonera and Simona Franzoni of the University of Brescia

In recent days, data on the Garda Riviera have been presented in Salò. What emerged?

Among the locations most appreciated by travelers stands out strongly Sirmione, a destination particularly sought after on Google and particularly visible on the net thanks to particular attractions famous throughout the world such as the spa, the castle and the Caves of Catullus. Among the appreciated locations there is also the Vittoriale degli Italiani of Gardone Riviera, the monumental citadel of Gabriele d’Annunzio, rewarded by the excellent work done on social media.

Moreover, the research carried out by Franzoni and Bonera shows that 90% of travelers choose a destination after being informed on the web. The satisfaction expressed by travelers is very high: 54.30% of the 13,474 reviewers analyzed expressed an “excellent” rating, 33.46% “very good” and 8.30% “average”. Low percentages of negative comments: 2.06% express a “poor” rating and only 1.88% express a bad opinion.

In 54.78% of the cases, the reviews on Lake Garda are left by couples, 21.99% by families, 17.76% by friends, 4.33% by solitary travelers and 1.14% by customers arriving on Lake Garda for business. The language used by those reviewing is mainly Italian (66.59%), while 17.46% of the cake speaks English, only 5.49% leaves comments in German. The research thus shows that the German tourist, historically a regular customer of Lake Garda, does not particularly like to leave reviews on the web.

The research conducted by the University of Brescia also analyzes the comments in detail. For the Anglophones the lake is a whole of beauty with an element that stands above the others: the city of Sirmione. Often Sirmione and Lake Garda are even meant to be synonyms. The British are also particularly interested in the Roman dimension of the lake, therefore particularly interested in villas and archaeological sites. The German-speaking visitor in his reviews mostly uses the “gardasee” brand. Then come the word “schön” (beautiful) and again Sirmione.

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